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Purpose: Traveling Home

Tomorrow: Lots of Rest, excited to share all I have seen. 


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Quote of the day: “Home Sweet Home.” 

By the time I got to bed I hadn’t slept for 50 hours.  I am now writing this after sleeping 12 hours and still feel very groggy.  My mind spins at all that I have seen and felt.  I am excited to share with everyone my travels and yet I am also so glad that so many traveled with me through this blog.  The photos I posted were all formatted for the web but if you would like one of the shots in a higher resolution, please let me know and I will email it to you.  

Traveling Home 

We all flew British Airways and it was a 9 hour flight to London.  Then in London, some went to Texas and Raquel and I flew to LAX which was about 11 hours of flying.  The flights actually felt like they went much faster on the way back then there. One of my bags was lost on the flight there but they had it to me the next day.  On the way back everything went very smooth, except for the small water pour that fell on business class in front of us during the landing.  No one knew where it came from and it wasn’t any big deal, but some uppity types were a bit bitter.  It was funny to me.  The service was great and I watched many movies and tried to sleep. Most of the time I just thought about India and the kids at Santvana.  


In a week we saw a school/orphanage for the deaf, an orphanage for kids who were abandoned because of AIDS, a care facility for kids whose parents were in the sex trade, and a school for kids who live in the slums. In addition, we met people who reach out to the prostitutes and eunuchs who are in the sex trade.  It was a lot to take in and my heart was stretched in new directions and in depths I did not know it had.  I hope to return someday.  I also hope to find ways to support Santvana Orphanage. I deeply appreciate everyone’s ideas. And I trust more will come. But out of all the places, Santvana and the school for the deaf touched my heart the most.  I, of course, hurt for the kids of the night care in Hell’s Den and I am completely inspired by Grace Academy.  But it the end my heart falls on one little girl named Pooja living at Santvana.  

Last Thoughts 

India has many beautiful and devastating scenes.  At one moment you are caught up in the chaos of the sounds, smog, traffic and people and then when you don’t expect it, you see the beauty of how it all blends like Beethoven’s fifth.  The food, the traveling, the way of life is all an adventure.  You cannot even go to the bathroom without understanding the culture.  And yet, people are transparent, caring, go the extra mile, and make you feel valuable.  They have hope, faith and believe in something greater than themselves.  They value life.  

For the kids of Santvana who are dying of AIDS they are happy since they know true love.  For the kids of Grace Academy they are joyful for they are learning what many others take for granted.  For the deaf child who found a place where they fit in and for the children of the Night Care Crèche, they hear hope in Christ.  These are the ministries of Orphan Outreach.  What is done here in India is also done in Honduras, Russia, and Guatemala.  A new organization, collecting backpacks and providing funds to help children who would otherwise have little or no hope.  An organization I can say I can get 100% behind.  I really had no idea what I was getting myself into before I went but I am so glad God did.  My heart hurts but it is in a good way. 

More Photos 

I have added a few last photos.  I wish I had the time to write about everything I saw and uploaded every picture.  Unfortunately, I did not have the time to write it all out and you probably didn’t have the time to read it all as well.  I am very honored that your eyes have fallen on these pages and you have traveled with heart in hand on this trip to India with me.  You time, your comments, your prayers have all been deeply appreciated.  I look forward again on taking another trip with you. 

Thought for the Day 

Have you ever let your heart really get stretched?  Have you ever put yourself in a place where you had to depend on God to come through?  Yes …it is scary.  Yes …it is uncomfortable.  And Yes …it will not feel secure.  It is when we stretch we grow.  It is through taking a chance that we discover that we are capable.  It is in the face of adversity we discover strength.  When we battle giants God is glorified.  God calls us to walk to the top of mountains and once we reach the pinnacle, He encourages us to jump; for it is only then we discover we were given wings to fly. 


P.S. I wrote some poetry while in India.  If you like that sort of thing scroll down past the pictures.





Walk with Me
Walk with me
Through the gate called loneliness
Hold my hand
For the path is treacherous
And we will share
Our thoughts … our hearts
Yet in the end
The path will split in two parts
You will choose one path
I will choose another
And miss we will
The friendship we discovered
For this is life
Such a peculiar thing
Where two people meet
And happiness it does bring
Yet in the end
Sadness does reign
Leaving our hearts wondering
Was it all in vain
So life goes on
And it seems it will always be
Travelers like me, meeting and asking
Will you walk with me?
(And something I am working on):
Drip Drip
Drip Drip
Goes the bleeding of my heart
How can I bare
Such a painful depart.
Cascades of memories
Flow easily through my hands
Why can’t I hold onto
These beautiful strands.
And yet I am grateful
For all I did see
And store in the fabric of my heart, I will
It is now a part of me.
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Matthew Hogg


What an experience, God’s divine plan had to be working in and through you, I can’t imagine the emotional drain that this must have been. I will pray that you get lots of rest over the next few days.

Love ya man,


October 21st, 2008 at 5:03 am